Anonutopia / Anote Airdrop | Proxies-free

Anote crypto currency is a Waves based
crypto token that can be mined, sent, received, exchanged or sold and used right from the start to purchase ads on our Telegram ad channel – AnonShout
This is also what gives it value right away because you can only purchase ads on AnonShout by using anotes
Mining Power
Your mining power depends on your Anonutopia community activity
Basic mining power is 0.02 anotes per hour (A/h) and you get an additional 0.005 A/h for every referred user
If you add 3 or more users, you become “Miner” and your mining power gets multiplied by 10
So, for example,if you have 5 referred users, your basic mining power is 0.02 and you add 5 * 0.005 to that. You get 0.045
and since you have more than 3 referred users, it gets multiplied by 10 so your final mining power becomes 0.45 anotes per hour
If one of your referred users purchases Anote for Waves (creates new denominations), you get 20%