anonymous – How to make Google Group visible to anyone on the web, even if they have not signed into to Google?

Google Group setting: Who can see the group, Anyone on the web

Nope, they must be signed in, so, not “anyone” can see our Google Group — how can we open this up?

I created a Google Group,


  • ( Who can see the group )

then selected:

… and I confirmed the next day that the setting is still set,

BUT … no one can see the group UNLESS they sign in to Google – OUCH!

So INSTEAD of actually seeing the group when browsing the web anonymously,
they get a request from Google to sign in and identify themselves first.

This is averse to my intentions, and averse to the implied promise of Google’s settings.

Does anyone know how to make a Google Group visible to anonymous browsing?

Looky here:

You can’t see it without logging in to Google first, can you?

I want anyone in the word to see and read ( and post ) without having to identify themselves.

Is one set of programmers at Google out of sync with another set of programmers at Google, such that one set of Google programmers promise that anyone can see, but another group of Google programmers throttles that promise and demands not just anyone, but only Google registered and signed-in and trackable folks?


At least Quora lets people read anonymously without joining Quora, looky here:

You can see this anonymously, right?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to open up Google Groups to be seen by anonymous folks browsing on the web?



Or is Google really really really moderating the front door, and no no no no no, not anyone on the web can see our Google Group, even when we ask that anyone on the web to be able to see our Google Group?

Thanks for exploring this and sharing.