Answering questions about mobile dev/publish

Hi all;

I’m back :] Nobody knows me and I am not well established member, but it felt appropriate to write this as I’m re-activating about 10 years old account. Would love to work with designers and other people here in future.

Used to do web dev/SEO/sites and similar myself. Left that, and am in mobile apps / games for last 6-7 years now. Going good there, we develop games and do ASO. Using Unity engine for development and Android as primary platform. Our games have more than 5.000.000 session count monthly, so we’re satisfied with that.

How’s the web treating you in last decade or less?
Anyone doing similar to what we do?

If anyone has a question about mobile or is thinking about that, has an app or game and is curious about something, feel free to write here, I’d be happy to share an experience or opinion.

Best of luck with your work in any case.
Have a good day!