anti virus – How do you stop McAfee from quarantining your .EXE?

I have a history with McAfee quarantining my C code in Microsoft Visual Studio and others have had the same problem.

There are solutions, but that requires every .EXE in all your solutions to be whitelisted manually.
I would prefer that I didn’t have to do that, but it seems that’s the only way.

I followed the instruction to exclude the file and went back to coding. After I rebuilt my project McAfee alerted me that it removed it from the exclusion list because the file changed. So, either I shut off the live scan every time I want to practice coding, or I just don’t code.
I know some of you out there must have a good solution so do you guys know if there a better solution?

I called their helpline and they told me to whitelist the EXE (devenv.exe) for Microsoft Visual Studio and it seemed to work but then later it stopped my project from running entirely considering it a virus threat.