api – Is there such a thing as a freely available JSON feed of “Bitcoin events” (news, but without the fluff)?

(I asked this the other day, but it was mysteriously gone today. No trace. 404 Not Found. I assume it must be a technical glitch in the Stack Exchange system, so I’m reposting it.)

What do I mean by “Bitcoin happenings”? Well, I did not want to say “news”, because I’m not looking for an RSS feed (or even JSON feed) for some news site about Bitcoin. I also don’t mean something which tells me how the price is going up and down in real time.

I’m talking about something which I could, in theory, base my trading bot on once Bisq finally releases their API.

That is, to answer the questions “when should I buy Bitcoin?” and “when should I sell Bitcoin?”.

As far as I understand it, they had automated such systems way back in the 1980s, if not even earlier, but obviously these were not for the “everyday man”, but for rich people who had tons of money already.

But still, it’s been 40 years now, so maybe, just maybe this is now available to all?

Basically, if something happens with Bitcoin, I want to be notified ASAP by fetching that JSON blob and then basing my actions on the keywords in there. Maybe it contains “CNN” and “Bitcoin” and “plummet”, and then I will want to sell some, fearing that the market is going to start selling tons of them, thus making the value go down.

I would even find this very useful in a non-automated context, simply for learning about what happens with Bitcoin. I find all the Bitcoin news sites to be full of “noise” which doesn’t interest me and doesn’t seem relevant or interesting whatsoever.

Update: I do know about the “Fear and Greed Index”, and have implemented it into my system. However, its value is highly dubious at best, and it’s not quite what I was looking for.