api – What provider offers both payments from platform users and payouts to platform users?

I’m looking for a provider, which can both collect payments from users and disburse payouts to other users.

Imagine a platform, on which anybody can offer their cars for rent to other people. The borrowers have to pay for the rent, the platform keeps a cut of the rent and the lender receives the rest.

Most users are private individuals, so onboarding should be easy.

Additionally, I would like to separate authorization and capture to create a charge now, but capture funds later.

  1. The borrower books a car and approves payment of an estimated amount, which will be collected in step 3.
  2. The borrower picks up the car.
  3. The borrower returns the car. Now, that the exact duration is known, the exact amount can be determined, and the payment is collected from the borrower and paid out to the lender.

I think, this would work with Stripe or Paypal, but I would like to compare different providers to find the one best suitable for my platform. What other platforms are there for that?

A provider offering a node.js API would be ideal. And the provider should work internationally in all major markets.