api – without fee exchange, alternatively to coinbase pro (formerly gdax)

According to coinbase, they will begin introducing fees for pro.coinbase (formerly known as GDAX) next week.

At 6:00 pm PDT on Friday, March 22, Coinbase Pro will make a number of changes to further enhance the market condition of our platform. These changes aim to increase liquidity, improve trading pricing and smooth price movements. […]

I wanted to know which exchanges you use for trading without fees.
I am now looking for exchanges that provide an API for their users, similar to the coinbase pro API, but still no brokerage fee. (Taker is fine in my opinion)

I looked at the following question: For which crypto-exchanges do not incur brokerage fees except the GDAX?

It mentions these:

  • GDAX
  • Listenpunkt
  • M├╝nzboden
  • itBit
  • Luno
  • Cex.io

is there more that you are aware of?