Apologies for my absence | Forum Promotion

Hi all, I am back and, before I begin this post, I’d like to formally apologise to all of you for my time away.
I live in Melbourne, Australia and due to the constant lockdowns here in Melbourne, Australia, I have felt a little down and uneasy.
Thankfully I have mother to keep me company during this very difficult times.
I am suppose to be on a diet but to enjoy myself unfortunately during all the Lockdowns, this one being number 5, I have munched on so many junk foods, like chips and chocolate, just to feel happy. I play video games. I watch TV with mother just to be with her as she too is down and scared to g out due to the Coronavirus.

I am a person that likes travelling and I do travel a lot. When I say travel I mean like going to different places for recreation, for example going to the movies, have a game or two of Ten Pin Bowling, go to a Theatre production or a concert, go to a Zoo, go to an Aquarium and things of that nature.

I haven’t got the money to overseas unfortunately.

But I am going to try and post has much as I can.

Once again a huge apology for not being here as much as I would like to be.

Yes, I am finally back on my forum as well.