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Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro (Build 01/02/2019) Multilingual | 24.4 Mb

Screenshots have always been part of our everyday life, because with them we have the opportunity to record our efforts and trifles immediately. It's also a responsible way to share the passion and experience we have online and offline with other people.

That's exactly what Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro gives you. It also offers the best options, such as ease of use, great editing options and free cloud storage that you can barely find on the internet.
In addition, this tool offers both simple and advanced modes for customizing and managing screenshots to your liking!
– understandable and elegant ribbon interface
– Capture everything on the screen
– Abundant capture modes for all needs
– Easy and advanced ways to edit images
– Share images with one click to social networks
– Free cloud storage for all users
– Robust task scheduler for the recording screen
Elegant and friendly surface
Thanks to the excellent Ribbon interface, you can quickly access the functions contained in the application as you wish. Be it a quick snapshot, an advanced mode or settings. With Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro, you can take advantage of all these features through the impressive and reliable interface. When you work with it, you definitely have high morale and become more productive.
Screenshot Everything on the screen
There are several situations in which you want to take a screenshot, sometimes you want to capture a single window, sometimes you need to take screenshots for websites or webcams, and you may also need to select the shooting area itself. You also need to create screenshots on multiple devices. This tool gives you the unique opportunity to do all this and much more.
Multiple shooting modes to choose from
Different shooting modes are essential for every user who wants to take a screenshot, and the application contains almost every shooting mode you can imagine. From polygon to window to full screen and free hand, there are a variety of options that you can take full advantage of. You can even set a recording delay to automatically trigger the snapshot at a specific time.
Integrated simple and advanced image editors
After taking a snapshot, whether you're making multiple changes, adding annotations, or just adding some effects, you can support this professional screenshot tool. Thanks to the sidebars for immediate editing and the extended editing area, you can easily get the best results without losing much time in the editing room. Instead, all edits are made quickly and smoothly.
Share pictures online with one click
The ability to take and edit screenshots is very nice, but we usually take snapshots to share with others. This is the main reason why the application is equipped with an integrated social sharing set of buttons. So if you want to share the pictures with friends, you can work them out with just a few clicks. All of the sharing is done seamlessly in the screen capture, so you want to share the joy of snapshots with others.
Free cloud storage without registration
All users who receive the application can upload their images to the cloud. Even if you accidentally remove images, you still have them in the cloud and you can always retrieve them. This completely free feature has been added to give all users the convenience of working with files. You also do not need to register or subscribe. You can use the free storage immediately.
Create schedule tasks to take a screenshot
Do not have the time to take as many snapshots as you like? Or do you need to record a screen while you're away? Then the Screenshot Planner offers you the best option in this regard. Just take some time to configure the time to enable the snapshot, and you can rest assured that the other things remain for the program. It can also be used to monitor your computer in the background.
Operating system: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10