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WebDrive is intuitive software that provides quick access from your computer to a remote or cloud drive. The software lets you assign a drive letter to an FTP, SSL, or WebDAV server and link to your cloud account, which is hosted by Google Drive, Amazon S3, or Dropbox.

Clear user interface and easy connection

With WebDrive, you can create a fast path from your local folders to a remote storage location, an FTP server, or a cloud account. It simply assigns a drive letter to the selected path and allows access through Windows Explorer. The drive appears in Computer as the network location, which you can access as any local folder.
This link facilitates file transfer and synchronization between local directories and the remote location as if you were copying files from one local folder to another. Similarly, you can open any application or file stored on the server or space on the computer desktop with local readers.

Multiple server connections
The software allows you to create links to many servers over secure HTTP, HTTPS, or SSL connections. Supported services include WebDAV, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP, Dropbox, GroupDrive, and FrontPage Server. You can set the software to start with Windows and enable the connection to the specified server when you turn on your computer.
The software lets you use proxies to connect to the servers and prompts you to configure them before you start the shortcut. You can also clear the cache files each time you connect to the server, set a size limit, or enable asynchronous cache mode.
Create a link to your cloud storage

With WebDrive, you can create a direct path from Windows Explorer to the selected server and manage the contents of your folders. File transfer and synchronization is also easier because you can open and manage the files on the server as if they were stored locally. In addition, the software can automate the connection to the servers and enable them when Windows starts up.

Easy to use
WebDrive's familiar interface lets you work seamlessly with cloud storage, local files, and remote server files through a single point of access. Use WebDrive instead of the traditional FTP client, WebDAV client, or SFTP client to reduce remote content updates. Use a drive letter to connect to common cloud storage servers.

Easy to manage
WebDrive was developed for IT managers. Supporting WebDrive on a large number of desktops is therefore easy. No installation madness anymore. With WebDrive, you can pre-configure settings and distribute them to your users. Protocols, ports, IP addresses, and other settings are configured once by the IT group. Users do not need to know any information other than their username and password. This avoids installation errors and manual configuration of tens or hundreds of PCs.

Reduced training and troubleshooting. Because users already know the WebDrive user interface, they reduce the training time that is often associated with deploying new applications. WebDrive's cost-effective multi-seat licensing makes it easy to standardize your file transfer software, rather than requiring users to download a variety of applications that your IT team needs to support.

Easy for the beginner, powerful for the super user

  • Continue download interrupted FTP download – If the connection was lost during a file transfer, WebDrive can continue from the point at which the connection was lost and not be restarted from the beginning.
  • Secure passwords – WebDrive uses S / KEY password encryption – Use MD4 and MD5 password encryption for supported FTP servers.
  • File Caching – WebDrive stores both file and directory lists for quick access. You can specify how much space is used for the cache and whether files, directories, or both should be cached.
  • File lock – when used with WebDAV servers. This prevents users from inadvertently overwriting someone else's changes.
  • Backup Utility – WebDrive includes a simple backup utility that lets you easily back up your PC files to an external server.
  • Compression for faster transfers – WebDrive supports ZLIB compression for SFTP transfers for faster transfer speeds.

What's new:

New: Amazon S3's file upload performance increases when multiple parts of the file are uploaded at one time.
New: Batch Delete feature for Amazon S3 to speed up the deletion of large files
New: Support for the OneDrive Consumer Graph API
Fixes: Several fixes for SharePoint Online,, and other issues can be found in the full release notes in the product installer.


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