applescript – Copy a formatted-text sentence, but Paste it with with the coding visible as well?

Seeking help with an AppleScript intended to convert text in the clipboard. Let’s say the following text is copied:

Spengler, Egon. “Spores, molds and fungus.” Le journal du fromage bout à bout; Funkytown: 1234.

The goal is to paste this text into to appear like plain text WITH the formatting commands showing. The italicized part would therefore look like <i>Le journal du blablabla</i> instead.

As ridiculous as this sounds, I could then use help doing the exact opposite; a little AppleScript that could copy what appears to be plain text with the formatting commands, and render that text, visually, as formatted text.

Use case: copy/paste a formatted source citation into a custom metadata field in DEVONthink, but later copy the contents of that field and paste into something that can reproduce the original formatting.

In a nutshell: the goal is to go from A to B, then eventually B to C (with formatting showing in C). Thanks in advance for any help/guidance you may have!

FWIW, I do own a copy of Keyboard Maestro–so automating through there is a possibility as well I suppose.

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