applescript – How to always allow any app to do anything / disable Security & Privacy authorization dialogues

Currently on OSX Catalina.

I work in sound design and audio development. I use several Automator-scripts and other workflow applications to control various stuff, and for every new project or when I make any change in any Apple Script, I get a nagging dialogue to “Allow for Keystrokes”, “Allow for Accessibility”, etc. Sometimes I have to re-authorize all my automator scripts after changing a single line in one of them.

This is killing my workflow, and this was implemented in OSX Mojave and forward with the new Privacy and Integrity-routines. On High Sierra this was never a problem, which was the system I used before.

I need to disable this permanently. I want any app to make any change it want. I know the risks, but I don’t care. It is not a problem for me running an isolated systems with absolute control over all apps I use. I never install anything new, it’s an audio workstation with bare minimum applications installed.

I’ve tried Disabling SIP, didn’t help. Adding an application to “Full disk access” still makes me have to authorized it in all other fields. Sometimes, when I use application A to control application B, if doing changes in App A, the option to again authorize it to control B never shows up, and is not avaliable.

Question is: Does anyone know how I can globally disable the Security & Privacy check in OSX Catalina so that any application I start can control/do whatever it want? If there’s no “official” setting, is there no way to hack the underlying preferences or similar?

OSX should have a power user mode.