appletv – iPhone remote apps – “Apple TV Remote” vs … something else?

I use the “Apple TV Remote” app to control my Apple TV 4K (A1842). From Settings I can see that I have version 2.2 (344.28) of the app (it’s called merely “Remote” in there, but the info screen confirms it is “Apple TV Remote”).

I can access the app in three different ways:

  1. Via its icon in the Control Center (this is my normal method)
  2. By telling Siri to ”Open Apple TV Remote”
  3. By tapping the app’s icon (labelled “Remote”) on my iPhone

HOWEVER: the main screen I get using method 1 looks different from what I get with the other two methods. They look like the following, with method 1 producing the first view and methods 2 and 3 producing the second view:



It almost looks like the first method is running a different app from the other two methods.

However, if I go to Settings>Control Center and see what remote app is in there, I find that it is called Apple TV Remote.

So, what’s going on? When I go into Control Center and tap on what Settings claims is Apple TV Remote, why do I get something different from what I get if I tell Siri to open Apple TV Remote (or if I simply find the Remote app and choose it).