applications – App shortcut icons are changing from normal to the default app icon

I’m using an LG K10 LTE running Android 6.0, about two weeks ago I had the following happen to the apps on my phone:
1)The icons of each and every one of my apps changed from their regular image to the default Android Icon.

2)When I tried tapping any of the icons a small “app is not installed” message popped up.

At the time I managed to fix the issue with a full factory reset but about two days ago the issue returned, the first time this happened I ran a virus scan with Avast mobile and no threat was found.

This time around I did some digging online and found various methods none of which really work, the battery pull reset didn’t help, neither did removing the app icon from the main screen(the app isn’t installed according to the phone).

I think this might be a hardware or memory issue but I’m not sure, any help with solving this issue will be very much appreciated.