Applications – Mirror actions on hundreds of Android emulators

I have several hundred Android emulations. I want an application that allows me to mirror actions that I take on a single device to all other devices. That is, when I click on a symbol in x, y on my main unit's screen, the same action should be taken on all my emulations. I looked at several Android Mirroring software but none has met the requirements that I have. For example, most mirroring tools, such as APowerMirror from Vysor, require the emulations to be on the same Wi-Fi connection (which does not work with emulators), or USB debugging is enabled so that the devices are physically connected (even emulators do not work) ). Also, most programs do not support the number of devices I want to emulate.

I was hoping someone knew about a mirroring application that did not have the limitations mentioned above. I have to think that there is a solution, but I'm stuck.

For reference, I use Bluestacks as an emulator for all Android instances.