applications – My new android phone that I need help on

I have just been given a very special type of a phone and I want to know what I can do with it. Let me explain my situation:

I just got a Medtronics pain pump installed via surgery and after I was given a Samsung galaxy J3 emerge phone to control it. When they gave it to me, they just said it is to control the pump and nothing else could be done with it. Yeah I do not believe that. I researched the phone and found that it is a Samsung galaxy J3 emerge that runs android 7.0. The phone looks like it is capable of everything a normal phone can do so I ordered it a case. Medtronics has basically taken all the apps off the phone like internet browsing, google play store, app to make phone calls, and a texting app. They then installed all of their apps like one to control the pain pump, a web browser the doctor can use in his office, and a user manuel for the pump. I connected it to my wifi already. What I want to know is, how do I put a web browser, the google play store, and all the regular apps back on it? I do not want to delete or mess up the pain pump controls but I want to try to use this phone like a regular phone and unlock its full potential. Thank you for your time and help.