Apply a function to a list of symbolic relationships

Suppose I have the following list:

{({-Index[y, 2]}[CirclePlus]1) / index[y, 1], ({-Subscript[y, 
1], -Subscription[y, 3]}[CirclePlus]1) / index[y, 2], ({-Subscript[y, 
2]}[CirclePlus]1) / index[y, 3]{{Index[y, 2]}[CirclePlus]1) / index[y, 1], (-Subscription[y, 1][CirclePlus]index[y, 3])/Index[y, 2], Index[y, 3][CirclePlus](Index[y, 2] + Subscript[y, 3]))/Index[y, 1]}

Well, whenever something is of the form {-ABC,...} I want to multiply elements of such a list from left to right so that I can get it -ABC..., As you can see, if one of the elements that I multiply is a minus sign, I want that minus to stay in the output. H. We ignore signs when multiplying. The symbol for the direct sum is for now only placeholders.

Here's what the work does:

Times @@ HoldForm / @ {-Subscript[y, 1],-Index[y, 3],Index[y, 4]}

I'd like to put that on the big list at the beginning of the question, but I'm not sure how to do that. The only thing that would change in this list would be the second element of this list; H. The first part of the counter, the rest of the list would remain the same. Could someone help?