Apps/explorer associated to "select file" app dialogs

Some apps(A) need to select a file, and they show a dialog to chose a file explorer(B), and from this file explorer you can select the file and automatically you should go back to the main app.


  1. Some file explorer(B) after selecting a file don’t send the app/path automatically to the requesting app (A) . e.g. Ghost commander, x-plore

  2. After chossing an app/file explorer (B) next attempts of selecting file will use automatically the previously select app(B).


  1. Where is stored the configuration/association of a file explorer(B) and an app(A) that has a file selection dialog?

  2. How can be reseted the stored/default file explorer(B), so the chossing dialog appears again? *

*( i have the workaround of uninstalling the file explorer but but it should be better methods)