architecture – Is implementing the logic of a singleplayer game in a dedicated server a viable option?

I want to start writing a singleplayer game and stumbled upon mature game server libraries in my preferred language. Since I am not a designer, I don’t know what’s possible in the future concerning visuals and having a dedicated server for game logic seems like a good idea at first, here are my thoughts on the topic:


  • there is a clear separation between game logic and graphics, which allows me to switch from 2D to 3D or even pick an other game engine without re-writing the important bits
  • I can add a multiplayer mode later on with fairly low effort if my plans change


  • sending messages is more complex than just calling methods, but can be hidden behind a facade
  • the communication can hurt performance, even if the server runs on the same machine

I am unsure about this approach, because I wasn’t able to find resources concerning dedicated servers for singleplayer games exclusively. Is it a viable choice or are there any other cons which outweigh the pros?