architecture – Role of a Solutions Architect

I’ve been working at this company for a couple years now as a developer. I was recently promoted to Solutions architect but I’ve never had any formal training or experience with a Solutions architect before. 

I’m an all around developer, c# mostly, I understand some devops, worked with azure and AWS. Just the go-to senior dev at my company. 

Basically my day-to-day consists of coming up for solutions and creating documentation for developers to follow. For example what framework to use, what libraries they should be using, thinking about the deployment process, caching, securing the app, and coming up with a plan with the netops team, I pretty much handle the devops stuff as well.

I feel I am doing a decent job at it and others have said the same. But since I’ve never worked with a Solutions architect before I can’t help but feel I might be missing out on certain additional things I should be doing for this role. One area I know I need to improve on as far as documentation is creating diagrams, I’m terrible at it and was thinking about using

Are there any other solutions architects that can provide more input on what else I should be doing? Maybe specific topics I should read up on, etc.

I guess I am seeking some validation that I am at least on the right track.