architecture – What is the difference between Kruchten’s Logical and Development view?

I want to understand the difference between Kruchten’s Logical and Development view when using a microservice architecture.

Krutchen describes the software architecture model 4+1 model with four different views.


The logical architecture primarily supports the functional
requirements — what the system should provide in terms of services to
its users.


The development architecture focuses on the actual software module
organization on the software development environment. The software is
packaged in small chunks — program libraries or subsystems — that can
be developed by one or a small number of developers.

As I understand, the logical view uses class diagrams and state diagrams to illustrate the components. And the Development view uses a Package diagram. However, I have also found a source that says that the development view uses class diagrams.

The question then is how do they differ, and what is the correct definition of the views? What diagram form would I use to illustrate a microservice architecture?