Are laptop screens with the same interface cross compatible?

The screen on my laptop just cracked and I’m looking to replace it. I did find a new panel for sale that is described to be for my exact laptop model, however I also red up on laptop screens and it appears that my laptop has a 40 pin LVDS connector which is supposedly used by quite many laptops and screens.

The lightbulb moment was this question – are these connectors just like DVI or HDMI, as in, universal? Could I hook up just any 17.3″ 40 pin LVDS screen and have it work?

The vast majority of screens that are the same size and connector seem to be 1600×900, but I did read that the connector supports up to 1920×1080 and I found a few for sale too. In theory the video card shouldn’t have any issue with the resolution as I’ve hooked it up to even a 4k desktop monitor through the HDMI connector.