Are typical camera bag materials sufficient for non-weather SLR cameras in 5 minutes of medium rain?

I have a weatherproof DSLR (Canon 2000D) along with a range of weatherproof lenses and other devices. For obvious reasons, I do not plan to use the camera outdoors in rain, snow, or similar weather conditions.

However, I may have to bring the camera in my pocket in case of rain to another location in the apartment.

Today I learned that many camera bags for "all weather" have separate rain covers that you need to attach. It is not the main material that is weatherproof, but a separate rain cover.

Do typical camera bag materials (aside from the separate rain cover) keep the equipment dry enough in mid-rain within 5 minutes? Of course, in heavy rain I can use the separate rain cover, but I would prefer a camera bag made of a material that keeps the camera sufficiently dry for a short period of time in medium rain. I understand that most camera bags are made of nylon and polyester.