array – ME AJUEM I LEARNED A PROGRAM, This question speaks of Vertor and structure. HELP ME TO DO


The Brazilian Football Championship, also known as Campeonato Brasileiro, Brasileirão and Série A, is the Brazilian professional football league among Brazilian clubs and the country's premier football competition. They will nominate the Brazilian representatives (along with the Brazilian Cup winner) for the Copa Libertadores de America. 20 clubs participate in the Brazilian championship. Throughout the season (from May to December), each club plays twice (in a points system), once in its stadium and the other in its opponents in a total of 38 games. There is no limit to the number of players per club (depending on the financial conditions of the club). To simplify the situation, however, we will assume that each team has 37 players (average score 2016). The teams receive three points per win and one per draw. For defeats, no points will be awarded. The teams are classified according to the total score, then the goal balance and then the goals scored. In a tie between two or more clubs the following tiebreaker criteria apply: higher number of wins, higher goal balance (GS = GP = GC = contra goals), highest number of goals (GP – (if two competitors have the same score and equality in the other criteria which the regulation classifies as priority, the competitor who has won the only game played between the two during the tournament or has won the points or credit in the sum of the games played during the competition qualifies , less red cards and less yellow cards, have been set to create data models (with structures and vectors) that can represent the above situation.
• tdata (day[int]month[int] it is year[int]).
• tjogador (registration[int]nr_camisa[int]Surname[char 30]Older[int]mass[float] and height[float]).
• Tequipe (name of the imagination) [char 30]the date on which it was founded [tdata] and players [tjogador QTD]).
Create a C program for:

(a) to create the necessary structures

b) read and save the data,

c) calculating the score achieved by each team,


d) Print the report: fancy name, score of the competition and target balance.