core – Can I use Entity Framework with a SOAP API layer over a database?

We have a hierarchical database in our institution that has provided a SOAP endpoint as the only option for CRUD operations. We are first and foremost a .NET core shop. I'm trying to understand what the architecture of an app that uses the WDSLs would look like. The main application case is to display account information in an appealing way and to be able to change it with the business logic behind the CRUD operations.

Is there a way to use Entity Framework Core with a SOAP API layer to access the database? If not, what is the recommended approach to the architecture of a solution that Entity Framework Core does not use for its connections? I'm trying to apply the Clean Architecture approach to this solution, but all the examples I see use EF Core.

I've started saving the WSDL main getAccount results in a temporary SQL database at startup. Then I could query the SQL database as usual. I was not sure if this was standard practice or not.

The other approach would be to map all SOAP calls using a Web API in a REST interface. Then I could just call the Web API and it would make the SOAP calls for me. I started doing this manually, but I've seen tools that can proxy the SOAP layer. Would that be true?