mvc – ASP .Net Core MVC Scafolding pros and cones with convenient authentication type and authentication for Google and Facebook

I just wanted to convert my base structure of the Asp .Net Mvc multi-tenant POS application to Asp .Net Core Mvc. The Asp .Net Mvc project was a single database per tenant application. So I used a tricky scheme there. But if I use Asp .Net Core application with Authentication: Individual user account I had to override the identity by scaffolding from this link. Framework identity in ASP.NET core projects

However, overcoming the problem posed a problem like this:

  1. Multiple identities in ASP.NET Core 2.0
  2. No service for type "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.SignInManager"

Finally the problem solved. My question is that if I want to sign up for my Google Account in the future and log in to my project, I'll use a standard library. Which type of authentication account is appropriate.

  1. Authentication: Individual user account or
  2. Authentication: No authentication