assets – How to set an exact pitch in Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Resource Pack

I’m trying to make a resource pack in Minecraft Java 1.16.1. The pack will replace all of the Minecraft sounds with LoZ BotW sounds. The first thing I did was put the BotW pickup sound in place of the pop. I got it to play, and it workd, but…

The only problem is that the pitch alters a bit every time I pick up something. I found what I thought was an answer on the Minecraft wiki, the pitch: 1 tag.

So I did this:

"entity.item.pickup": {
    "sounds": [
        "name": "random/pop",
        "pitch": 1,
    "subtitle": "subtitles.entity.item.pickup"

I went back into the game and it did not work. It still changed everytime I picked something up. I’m not completely sure that the pitch tag keeps it at that pitch, or it it just puts the base pitch at that, but still changes.

Can you help? You can see the pack here.