astrophotography – Hydrogen Alpha Filters (Buying The Right One and How It’s Used)

I am looking to purchase my first hydrogen-alpha filter to use for day solar (Sun) photography as I just recently purchased a SkyGuider Pro device. However, upon several bouts of research I am at a loss as to what exactly I am looking for and consequently, how to use what I am looking for. Here is my confusion:

  1. In doing a search for hydrogen-alpha filters online, I come across several variants whose price ranges vary dramatically (from <= $100 to >= $10,000). Some products are just lenses and some look like computerized components. This leaves me puzzled as to what I am looking for exactly and needless to say anything that cost over $1,000 is out of the question for my budget.

  2. Additionally, I am unsure if a hydrogen-alpha filter is supposed to be used in conjunction with a regular solar filter or if the hydrogen-alpha filter alone is enough (I suspect it is not but I am not sure).

If it helps, the equipment I plan on using is:

  1. A Canon EOS Rebel T7i
  2. A Vivitar 500mm lens (maybe with a teleconverter too but haven’t decided on that fully yet)

I already have a range of solar filters for my various lenses. The left-half of the image below is what I strive to achieve if possible.

Can someone please point me to a guide or in the right direction so that I purchase the right thing as long as it is not cost-prohibitive?

Thank you.

Hydrogen Alpha Filter with Sun