Asymptotic boundary conditions for differential equation

I am trying to solve the following equation ($ellin mathbb{N}$)
with these two asymptotic boundary conditions (b.c.) on the function and its derivative:

The equation
DiffEq = f''(x) + (1 - l(l+1)/x^2 + 2/x) f(x) == 0 can be analytically solved with DSolve, but I do not understand how to impose these two “analytical” b.c. to get rid of the two integration constants. I mean, they are not merely “numerical” b.c. and therefore I cannot simply do something like DSolve({DiffEq,f(a)==b,f(c)==d},f(x),x), with a,b,c,d being some numbers.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks a lot!