audio – Bluetooth 5, Multiple Speakers, and iPad mini 5 on iPadOS 14.5.1

So, I am trying to pair 2 Bluetooth speakers with each other so they share the same audio. I know that starting with iOS 13 there is the “Audio Sharing” feature, but I think that is only for iPods or other devices with the W1 chip. I also believe that Bluetooth 5 equipped devices have the functionality to play to two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously.

I am using an iPad Mini 5, Updated to iPadOS 14.5.1. The iPad has Bluetooth 5 capability, which supposedly allows the connection of multiple devices of the same type. However, when I try to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers, I only get the option to toggle between them, not play audio on both. Am I doing something incorrectly, or am I mis-understanding something? If it makes a difference, I am using YouTube Music with an active premium subscription.

Blutooth 5 Description
iPad Mini 5 has Bluetooth 5
iPad will not allow both to be connected simultaneously.