augmented reality – Unity 2019 Error : com.unity.xr.arsubsystems@2.2.0-preview.3/Runtime/ImageTrackingSubsystem/XRImageTrackingSubsystem.cs57,30): error CS0506:

I am opening an old project created in 2019.3 inside my new Unity 2019.4. I got this error message in Unity Console:

Library/PackageCache/com.unity.xr.arsubsystems@2.2.0-preview.3/Runtime/ImageTrackingSubsystem/XRImageTrackingSubsystem.cs(57,30): error CS0506: ‘XRImageTrackingSubsystem.Destroy()’: cannot override inherited member ‘Subsystem.Destroy()’ because it is not marked virtual, abstract, or override


Please note that this current project does not use anything related to AR “Augmented Reality” or XR package.

Also, I have already googled this error message, but have not seen a solution yet.

However, I guess that this error likely comes from some conflicts in the AR or XR versions.

To fix this error, should I install or update the basic Unity XR or AR package ?

Thank you very much.