SQL Server – Must declare the question of the scalar variable

This is my first post here, need help:
In a stored procedure, I had the following code

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo],[SP_getAvg] (
@projectId INT
, @ carrierId INT
, @ fetchType VARCHAR (20)

DECLARE @counter INT
DECLARE @carrierAlias ​​AS VARCHAR (20)
DECLARE @ sql1 VARCHAR (500)

SET @counter = 1

IF @projectId> 0
OF projects
WHERE projectId = @projectId

SELECT @carrierAlias ​​= carrierAlias
FROM freight forwarders
WHERE carrierId = @carrierId

SET @ sql1 = # SELECT @recAvg = ISNULL (AVG (cast (FWEIGHT as float) / case if CAST (FPIECES as float) = 0 then 1 else cast (FPIECES as float) end), 0) from psorderh where (DATEPART (m, manifestDate) = & # 39; + cast (@counter AS VARCHAR (2)) + & # 39;) AND (DATEPART (yyyy, manifestDate) = DATEPART (yyyy, GETDATE ()) & # 39; + CASE
IF @projectId> 0
THEN & # 39; AND FACCT = & # 39; + @FACCT
ELSE & # 39; & # 39;
IF @carrierId> 0
THEN # and FCARRIER = & # 39; + @carrierAlias
ELSE & # 39; & # 39;

EXEC (@ sql1)

PRINT @recAvg


I received the following error message:

Must declare the scalar variable "@recAvg".

where was I wrong?

Any help would be appreciated

bitcoind – Bitcoin TX decoding failed while sending to a network (retest)

I have manually created a signature (referring to the signature output formats in Bitcoin CLI). But I tried to send the same thing to the network that I get

Error code: -22

Error message:

TX decoding failed

Below is the signed tx

signed tx:


Splitting the same signed transmitter:

02 00 00 00 // Version

01 // number of inputs (var_uint)

38 c0 59 ad fe 41 e8 0f b4 6e 14 d2 39 49 30 43 43 from c5 60 a6 fb ce f4 b2 e3

11 0f 82 41 81 6d // Enter transaction hash

00 00 00 00 00 // Enter index

2c // size of the script (var_uint)

2b // Data must be pushed The files under 43 bytes are pushed

07 // Press 7 bytes to stack

68 61 6e 75 6d 61 6e // Data must be pushed

a8 // OP_HASH256

Press 20 // 32 bytes

1c a3 58 97 54 0e c7 ae 72 94 a8 ca cd 11 ca f2 c0 9f 95 f0 26 c9 25 c6 ce 4e

4c 29 b2 0e 3c 41

87 // OP_EQUAL

ff ff ff // Sequence

02 // no vouts

80 50 74 01 00 00 00 00 // Amount

19 // Size of the script (var_uint)

76 // OP_DUP

a9 // OP_HAH160

14 // 20 bytes have to be pushed

6a 3f fa dd da e4 cc b4 22 3a 8c 72 15 d4 b4 81 da f6 96 77



00 d0 12 13 00 00 00 00 // Amount

17 // Size of the script (var_uint)

a9 // OP_HASH160

14 // 20 bytes have to be pushed

DE f3 47 cf 3b 01 bf 03 a3 0d 7e e9 f6 2d 86 ed 51 09 b5 47

87 // OP_EQUAL

00000000 // lock time

Can someone help me find out what I miss?

Calculation and Analysis – Need help with the graphical representation of cylinders and planes in the same diagram

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Quadranet recent experience | Web Hosting Talk

When I first contacted them, I asked for a 32 GB RAM server, 1 GB SSD, and told them that I was in a hurry and needed a new server today. They assured me that this will happen on June 14th.

Two days later, on the 15th, I resurrected an email from them saying that the provisioning department is closed today. Later I received an email saying that the server was ready and went into the Control Panel. As a 16GB and SSD as 256GB I went to their support and asked them for a refund. They were trying to waste time, but I clearly told them that I was no longer interested in their service because there are delays and they do not get the order basically right.

On June 20, I received an e-mail from them saying they had not made a mistake, and it was me who invented things, even though I provided them with a picture that showed exactly what they thought was wrong and still refusing a refund.


Very dishonest and terrible business practices.

Terrible experience.

Ease of Use – UX Benchmarking: How Many Details Should a User Collect in a Business Product?

It is very valuable to collect benchmark data about a user's experience over time. The problem we come across is how much information we should ask our user to make informed decisions from the data we collect. We are working on a corporate product with many different functions in many different areas of the product. So I am not sure how much data beyond our few KPIs should be queried by our users when asked "Do you want to give feedback?" The survey model is displayed for the different types of users using the many different areas in the system. Does it make sense to create a system-wide benchmark without capturing the area where the user is most likely or most frequently used, as we capture the benchmark data in more detail for each feature of the product?

The concern is what we do with the data we collect from a user we do not know much about – the user could use multiple parts of the system and we can do some analysis, but there would be a lot of assumptions. Has anyone working on a company product collected benchmark data that could convey insights?

Crossbow, repeating details in 3.5E

I've recently covered 3.5E rules for crossbows that repeat themselves, which is a bit confusing. As the rules dictate "As long as it holds bolts, you can reload it by pulling the reload lever (a free action)." Does that mean that I can load a new one in the suitcase after a shot or with the other hand the next shot "finished" must do?

Thank you all.

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How do I get a DMG file to create macOS USB on a Windows PC?

I saw this discussion and updates on StackExachanage for creating macOS USB on Windows. Since I can not comment there, I ask a new question. I have tried everything on this site, but from now on only the method with TransMac works, because I have the DMG file for High Sierra.

Now that the High Sierra is old, I'd like to know if there's a way to create or download a bootable DMG file for newer versions like Mojave or macOS Catalina. I did a Google search and found a solution on Google, but the result is not positive. Is there a reliable alternative?