Customs and Immigration – Passport issued a strange warning sound when checking out of the country

At the beginning of this year I was in Japan and Korea. Now I am back in my homeland. However, when I was in Korea, the "scan" machine made a strange "alarm" sound just before entering the piers before checking baggage. It has happened at least twice, but both times the officer just returned my passport and did not ask me anything. They just made me look the same as in the photo.

When I checked out of Japan before going to the gate, the officials looked confused, but never looked at me or asked questions.

I wonder if there is something wrong with my passport and what could it be? I'm a little worried, though I've never been asked whenever this happens.

Applications – Use Android Phone as Facecam for Ps4 Twitch / Youtube Live Streaming

Instead of buying a ps4 camera, I wondered if my Android phone could be used as a Facecam for Ps4 Twitch / Youtube in a live stream. I researched a lot and found out the following:

  1. Videos that show how to add a video of your face and paste it over the awkward game video.
  2. I tried Streamlabs. There I can stream my mobile games and share everything displayed on the phone screen.
  3. In Streamlabs I tried to send my face and at the same time from my PS4. Only my face appeared in the livestream.

I hope someone can help me here.

Thank you in advance!

Probability – The Riddle "Knight on an Infinite Chessboard"

I have a question:

Suppose a knight makes a "casual walk" on an infinite chessboard. In particular, the knight follows the standard chess rules each round and moves with a probability of 1/8 to one of his eight available boxes.

What is the probability that the jumper will be back on the starting field? How many trains are to be expected?

Here is a simulation: We can see that knights always return with an even number, but not with an odd number.

It's just a simple, random walk on an infinite graph. So it is also recurring after a series of moves. Denote the $ X_n $ be the position of the knight in steps $ n $, It is asked
$$ mathbb {P} _0 ( tau_n < infty) =? text {and} mathbb {E} _0 ( tau_n < infty) =? $$
Where $ tau_n: = {n geq 1: X_n = 0 } $ and $ 0 $ is the starting point.

Is there a precise solution to get the result?

Architecture – How To Store AI Knowledge About The Game World For AI Decisions

I have a game world with quite a bit of AI, which has some senseslike seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, etc.

However, I'm not sure how to put this information in a single place so the individual AI can go through it and make a decision.

For example, each sample (transmitter and receiver) currently returns a structure named a stimulus with information such as position, direction, stimulus type (vision, sound, smell, etc.), NPC type (human, animal, monster, etc.) and so on.

And right now, the Monster AI has only one hard-coded preference hierarchy – touching (eg Damaging Events)> Seeing> Sound> Smell. So when you fire a gun, it will try to follow that sound, but when it sees you, it switches to visual pursuit and forgets the noise.

However, this is not very robust. It is not very good for repeated damage events or hang gliding or stale stimuli against new stimuli. Ideally, I'd like to use some kind of utility evaluation to get more complex and dynamic behavior and fix out-of-the-box cases where the AI ​​does not interact properly (ignoring stimuli that it should not).

I am not sure how to approach this implementation. Should I just have a bunch of all the stimuli the AI ​​encounters and go through each tick? But how can I cut this list, because it gets very big very fast and possibly contains really old stimuli? (Currently, the AI ​​has only one "target stimulus", and new stimuli go through this preference hierarchy before either discarding or replacing target stimuli).

(As a side note, this GDC talk about creating the living, breathing world of Hitman has provided some great information on how to handle knowledge, but I have not been able to figure out how to store it and through several knowledge fields of a iterate individual AI and so on).

(I'd also like to get advice on the knowledge / stimulus data structure myself – to be modular enough to store different types of information instead of having a bunch of unused fields.) Tell me, how a sound might just be type and Direction needed, but a visual stimulus may only need type and position, etc.)

php – Change the string in the WooCommerce Waitlist plugin

I use the WooCommerce Waitlist plugin, but I would like to change it for unreleased products, such as: For example, for expressions of interest.

For this I have to change many strings, eg. For example, one that says "Join the waiting list to be notified by e-mail when this product is available".

I found in the plugin where this is set: the file …

wcwl-wait list-template-functions.php

… in the root folder of the plugin.

If that were an issue, I could replicate that file to my child theme and change the strings, but since it's a plugin, I'm all at sea. Re-declaring the function causes an error. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the code of the function …

 * Get the default intro text to display above the waitlist dependent on product type
 * @param string $product_type simple/variation/grouped (variation is the same as simple by default)
 * @param bool   $user_is_on_waitlist
 * @return mixed|void
function wcwl_get_intro_text( $product_type = 'simple', $user_is_on_waitlist = false ) {
    $context = 'join';
    $text    = __( 'Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available', 'woocommerce-waitlist' );
    if ( $user_is_on_waitlist ) {
        $context = 'leave';
        $text    = __( 'You are on the waitlist for this product', 'woocommerce-waitlist' );
    } elseif ( 'grouped' === $product_type || 'event' === $product_type ) {
        $context = $product_type;
        $text    = __( 'Check the box alongside any Out of Stock products and update the waitlist to be emailed when those products become available', 'woocommerce-waitlist' );

    return apply_filters( 'wcwl_' . $context . '_waitlist_message_text', $text );

Update bug in Kali Linux 2019.2

root @ disfranchising: ~ # sudo apt-get update
Err: 1 kali-rolling InRelease
& # 39; # 39 & 127.0.0; could not be resolved.

Read package lists … Done
W: Error getting & # 39; # 39 & 127.0.0; could not be resolved.

Differential Geometry – Show $ langle exp ^ {- 1} _ {x} (y), exp ^ {- 1} _ {x} (y) rangle_ {g_ {x}} = langle exp ^ {- 1} _ {y} (x), exp ^ {- 1} _ {y} (x) rangle_ {g_ {y}} $

To let $ M $ a riemannian manifold n-dimensional without boundary. Show that $$ langle exp ^ {- 1} _ {x} (y), exp ^ {- 1} _ {x} (y) rangle_ {g_ {x}} = langle exp ^ {- 1 } _ {y} (x), exp ^ {- 1} _ {y} (x) rangle_ {g_ {y}} qquad, forall y in mathcal {U} $$
Where $ mathcal {U} $ is a normal neighborhood of $ x in M ​​$

My approach: Let $ mathcal {U} $ a normal neighborhood of $ x in M ​​$that contain one $ y in M ​​$, If $ c (t) $ is the geodesic curve connecting both points ($ x, y $), i. $ c (0) = x $ and $ c (1) = y $, then $ c ^ { prime} (0) = exp_ {x} ^ {- 1} (y) $,

Now consider the parallel transport of $ c ^ { prime} (0) $ along $ c $ (Note that $ c $ is the geodesic curve), then we have $$ langle c ^ { prime} (0), c ^ { prime} (0) rangle_ {g_ {x}} = langle c ^ { prime} (1), c ^ { prime} (1) rangle_ {g_ {y}} $$

I do not know if my proof is correct *. However, why, if we take the parallel transport, $ P_ {c} rvert_ {0} ^ {1} $ along the geodesic line, the end point coincides with the point $ c (1) = y $? Is this point unique?

Every idea is appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Linux – Install Google Play Store in the Android emulator

I'm trying to install the Play Store in the AVD emulator. Google APIS build And it always fails. So I started looking for solutions. But none of them worked.

Reason? here it is

android@Debian-101-buster-64-minimal:~/Downloads$ adb install 'Google Play Store_v17.1.16-all (0) (PR)'
adb: failed to install Google Play Store_v17.1.16-all (0) (PR) Failure (INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!)

OK. A package with the package name is already installed and that is definitely not a playstore

What is it then? I found that too!

android@Debian-101-buster-64-minimal:~$ adb shell pm path

Output from dumpsys

    android@Debian-101-buster-64-minimal:~$ adb shell dumpsys package
Service Resolver Table:
  Non-Data Actions:
        dbab1b8 filter 2371e08
          Action: ""

  Permission ( (6f3eb91):
    uid=10055 gids=null type=0 prot=normal

Key Set Manager:
      Signing KeySets: 4

  Package ( (d5eeef7):
    versionCode=1801 minSdk=25 targetSdk=25
    privateFlags=( RESIZEABLE_ACTIVITIES )
    supportsScreens=(small, medium, large, xlarge, resizeable, anyDensity)
    timeStamp=2019-04-12 22:25:12
    firstInstallTime=2019-04-12 22:25:12
    lastUpdateTime=2019-04-12 22:25:12
    signatures=PackageSignatures{13b8082 (ef3d224c)}
    installPermissionsFixed=false installStatus=1
    declared permissions: prot=normal, INSTALLED
    requested permissions:
    install permissions:
      android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS: granted=true granted=true granted=true
      android.permission.INTERNET: granted=true granted=true
    User 0: ceDataInode=114773 installed=true hidden=false suspended=false stopped=false notLaunched=false enabled=1
      runtime permissions:

Dexopt state:
    Instruction Set: x86
      path: /system/app/LicenseChecker/LicenseChecker.apk
      status: /system/app/LicenseChecker/oat/x86/LicenseChecker.odex (compilation_filter=speed, status=kOatUpToDate)

Compiler stats:
    (No recorded stats)

And this package is just impossible to remove / uninstall!

I tried to override this with Playstore app
from Open Gapps and Apkpure

Every attempt had failed. I got the icon once, but it will crash again and again.

How can I install the Play Store App in the Google APIS Build in AVD Emulator?

I have to use it instead of Play Store Build