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Need ideas for my project for Hyip Analytics

Hello everybody.

I've created a website for Hyip analysis that collects information from other Hyip monitors and calculates the rating.
Now it is sending news of changes in the Hyip world.
If I get more data in the future, I would like to predict the Hyip behavior at startup.

What else do you want to see on this resource? It will be helpful to you? – exchange of cryptocurrency

CoinCasso Group – including the Cryptocut Exchange licensed in Estonia CoinCasso Exchange creates unique solutions that support the exchange of cryptotermines. In addition, the entire project will include the ATM-BTC network, which will begin in the second half of 2019. It also includes the deployment of mobile, PC and POS applications for the entire infrastructure. The entire infrastructure is created to create commissions that are calculated in exchange for brokerage in transactions. This is the only system in the world that pays up to 80% of the profit between owners of the CCX token – the CoinCasso Exchange token.

The new crypto currency market, headquartered in Stny, which is available in a preparatory phase, can now buy CCX shares. The company is committed to promoting galleries through the community (community). The public sale of the token will take place on November 1, 2018. Poki that you can buy CCX shares at a reduced price. In the future there will also be Cryptomats, which is to introduce the company.

The company offers a 10% commission on the purchase of CCX coins. In addition, after the exchanges, the stock market will receive a bonus on the sales of the referrals, similar to other stocks.

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Weekly trading predictions for important pairs of analyst75 – News & Analysis

Weekly Trade Forecast for Important Couples (October 10-14, 2016)

Here is the market outlook for the week:


Dominant Distortion: Neutral

This pair remains neutral despite strong volatility observed in other pairs and crosses last week. The price just went below the support line at 1.1150 and then at 1.1200 towards the resistance and closed at 1.1200. The neutral trend would last for some time but soon a strong momentum is expected. The price must be above the resistance level at 1.1350 or below the support line at 1.1050 before the neutral alignment could be overcome. The most likely direction for EURUSD and several other EUR pairs is down this week.


Dominant trend: Bullish

This currency trading instrument is neutral in the long term, but bullish in the short term. The price rose on Monday and Tuesday, plummeted on Wednesday, rose again on Thursday and was corrected on Friday. While it is possible that this instrument will continue to move upwards, the movement would be limited as it is unlikely that the price could exceed the resistance level of 0.9900.


Dominant trend: Bearish

The GBP / USD market and most other pairs of GBP have a strong bearish confirmation pattern. As predicted last week, the price fell sharply by 880 pips, reaching a low of 1.2031. This is a persistent bearish trend. Thereafter, the price recovered by 420 pips, closing at 1.2421. What next? Well, the forecast for this week is that GBPUSD would be bullish (which also applies to some other GBP pairs). The price would rise significantly this week, but that would not be significant enough to circumvent the current long-term bearish outlook in the market.


Dominant trend: Bullish

As expected, the USDJPY pushed up last week, ending the recent equilibrium phase in the market. The price shot up 280 pips to the sky, tested the offer at 104.00 and corrected the correction by 100 pips. The price closed on Friday at 103.00 below the supply level. This could be a good opportunity to look for long trades when things are sold and in the context of an uptrend. The outlook for JPY pairs remains bullish this week, so the price could go up at least 150 pips this week.


Dominant trend: Bullish

Like the USD / JPY, EUR / JPY rose in the last week, testing the supply zone at 116.00 pips before being corrected for 90 pips. There is a bullish confirmation pattern on the market, and this week could see further upward movement, ending the current bearish correction. According to the current positioning, the price can go to the supply zones at 115.50, 116.00 and 116.50.

This forecast is completed with the following quote:

"I've learned that the market is really your best teacher and that trading is a skill that you need to nurture and develop. The more time you spend on the market, the better you can understand market movements. " – Michael Patak


ALFAcoins – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payment Processing System – Payments Processor

Get with ELDORADO 1% per day!

Start: 21st September 2018
I am not the administrator of the project

Languages: 20 languages, including English (EN), Chinese (CH), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Portuguese (PT) etc.

ELDORADO is a global mutual aid organization. MMM 3.0. Works on the advanced, unique mathematical algorithms of the brothers Mavrodi – Sergey and Vyacheslav, who were kept secret for 25 years. Created by a team of former activists MMM.

After the death of Sergei Mavrodi his brother Vyacheslav shared mathematical algorithms. Combined with their own developments and blockchain technology, they managed to create a decentralized and win-win system of a new generation in which reboots are not terrible and all payments are automatic. Financial nuclear weapons!

– Benefit every 8 minutes + 0.00485917%: + 1% per day or + 30% per month.
– Referral bonus + 5%.
– 8-level leadership bonuses. If your referrals attract newcomers, you will also receive bonuses.
– 1 level (ref. Bonus) – 5%
– Level 2 – 3%
– Level 3 – 1%
– 4 levels – 0.5%
– Level 5 – 0.3%
– 6 levels – 0.1%
– Level 7 – 0.05%
– 8 levels – 0.05%
Total amount provided for bonuses – 10% (bonuses are frozen for one week when the transfer picks up the money – the bonus is canceled)

– 80% refund on restart (the amount of the credit = the donation amount with all percentages and bonuses).

– The minimum contribution is unlimited.
– The maximum "contribution" is unlimited.
– Conclusion at any time.
– Automatic payments.
– Reliable mathematical mechanism.
– It works directly on the blockchain.
– There is no human factor.
– Without registration.

Payment system: Cryptocurrency SPARTA (SPA)
– Cryptocurrency site
– Cryptocurrency wallet

You can buy a SPA:
✅ Directly on the SPARTA website via the integrated cryptocurrency exchanger:
✅ Through exchange for different cryptocurrencies.
✅ About SIGEN exchanger quickly and without registration.
✅ About the Btc Alpha Exchange for BTC and for USD

How to start:
1. Enter your crypto currency address SPA and click on "Participate".

2. Send the cryptocurrency to the donation address.

3. The number of donations increases every 8 minutes + 0.00485917%, + 1% per day or + 30% per month.
4. You can withdraw at any time.

No registrations, payments – automatic.

My total contribution:
10 000 000 SPA (at the exchange rate at the time of publication about 8700 $ / 1.3 BTC)

Links to my donations. transactions:
2,000,000 SPA –
2,000,000 SPA –
3,000,000 SPA –
2,000,000 SPA –
1,000,000 SPA –

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Welcome to the club
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Inbitgo Ltd –

I am not an administrator or owner of this project

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Program description
INBITGO LIMITED is intended for people who are willing to achieve their financial freedom, but not because they are not financial experts.
Inbitgo Limited is a long-term, high-yield private loan program supported by trading in Forex markets and investing in various funds and activities. The profits from these investments will be used to improve our program and enhance its long-term stability.

investment plans

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Plan Issued Amount ($) Profit (%)

Plan 1 $ 10.00 – $ 200.00 105.00

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payment Processor
Perfect money

Reffral Commission


minimum deposit

$ 10


SSL encrypted
Fast and cooperative support
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Dedicated hosting

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(Investment programs are always risky, so do not invest if you can not afford to lose.)


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