Autofocus – How to change the autofocus point in Auto mode of the Fujifilm X-T20?

Many features are disabled or can not be changed when the automatic mode is activated.In particular, the autofocus mode can not be changed in auto mode. Allowing certain settings to be adjusted would compromise the purpose of the "Auto" mode, ie maximize the number of decisions the camera makes to the user.

FujiFilm X-Series cameras come without a standard model.All settings can be changed individually or set to Auto. This can be confusing for users coming from other systems with separate Auto, Manual, Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority modes.

To use "Shutter Priority", use the Shutter Speed ​​dial to set a new shutter speed. To use Aperture Priority, turn on the iris switch and turn the ring (or thumbwheel). Change both for a complete manual control.

If you want the camera to automatically select all settings, similar to the automatic mode, turn all the dials to "A" (Aperture, Shutter speed) or "AF" (Focus). In addition, enable zone focussing and face detection.