Automation – How can I turn on the timer to turn the device on and off?

Depending on the device used, this setting can be easily configured. For some devices, such as Xiaomi (MIUI), LG, Oneplus or Lenovo, this setting is native.

For example, on my device running MIUI 9, I can configure the timer as follows:

Open the security app → Battery → Settings (gear icon in the top right corner) → Turn the power on / off:


Enter the time and tap OK, you're done!

Alternatively, this feature can also be configured on some Android ROMs:

  • Settings → Advanced → Scheduled power on / off.
  • Configure as needed.


Another workaround:

If none of these options are available, you can easily do this
The advantage that your Android device can be woken up by an alarm
even if it is in the off state:

  • This workaround requires only an Android app that can turn off the device at a specific time, such as a Tasker, Automate, Macrodroid, etc.
  • Then set an ideal silent alarm (eg standard CM11S alarm (with silent alarm) to turn on the device.

Credits Oneplus Forum: Switching the power supply on and off