Avoid eNom – Seriously Web Hosting Talk

Does anyone else use eNom? How do people deal with their constant price increases? You have become as unreliable a partner as cPanel.

We received another email about price increases last night – unfortunately we still have a lot of domains with them and are kind of stuck. Does anyone have any advice on how to get out in bulk? ie a strategy for the transfer on renewal?

In addition to annual spending requirements, minimum registration requirements now apply – meaning you have to spend x USD per year AND register x new domains to maintain your status. We moved all of our new registrations to Hexonet a few years ago because their prices are much better. That is why we register 0 new domains with eNom.

I try to free ourselves from partners like cPanel and eNom, which I think are unreliable, so as not to fear every email that comes from them, and just to wait for the next price increase.

Apart from that, I recommend everyone to contact Hexonet – their prices are dramatically better than those of "Platinum Plus" from eNom and they are very flexible. The support has been excellent (they respond within minutes versus weeks from eNom), and their WHMCS integration is also much better.