AWS Kubernetes – MySQL DB instance – RDS or Docker Mysql Image

We’re trying to migrate to either a cheap hosting or aws Kubernetes to cut costs. Our website is a game site and has around 100 users. The servers include 2 mysql db, 2 tomcat server and a management server. It doesn’t use much resource. So I’ve been thinking of launching a single node k8s and launch these servers as a docker instances. I want to cut costs to less than 300 dollars per month.

RDS pricing seems too much and using that might end up more than 300 dollars.

I wanted to know if its okay to use a mysql docker image inside ks8 node along side tomcat image? DB can start with 100 GB of storage for each DB (maybe 300GB to 500 GB totally for both for a long term). No s3 or anything else is needed.

This is my first time planning something from scratch and I’m new to AWS and K8s. Wanted some suggestions before I start testing it out.