backup – How to handle hidden files and folders (which begin with a period/dot) when backing up Android to a Windows NTFS volume?

Over on Superuser, I asked about whether or not it’s okay to have filenames and/or folder names that begin with a period (dot) on a Windows NTFS volume.

The immediate response I received was to avoid doing this.

What’s an effective way to backup Android hidden files and folders (which begin with a period) onto a Windows NTFS volume?

The person answering my question on Superuser recommended renaming the files on Android, if possible. Well, that’s certainly possible. It involves these steps:

  1. Finding every file/folder that begins with a period
  2. Making a copy of each file/folder found
  3. Renaming each file/folder copied to a unique name that does not begin with a period
  4. Backing up the copies (most likely via FTP)
  5. Deleting all the copies

Ugh. Is there a better way to accomplish this task? And if not, is there a way to automate all this work?