backup – Restore ColorNote menu button does not exist

there is no way to restore, you can only view the backups!!!!!!!

Everyone here is claiming there is this button, restore!! there is none!!

I am doing backup/restore on the same device….

And just so you know the whole point of this backup/restore is to change my colornote account to a new account, otherwise I know there is a sync option!

I already made a backup, now I signed out of my old google account(I meant this app login google account), singed in to the new google account…

going to Setting -> Backup -> click on that backup -> there is only one option, view!!!

and when I click on view, I need to select all those notes one by one, and then you can restore, there is no way to select them all at once!!!


any solutions?

Unfortunately I am not root, so I don’t have direct access to the file system, can I convert my backed up file to any Samsung notes or any other tools,
So I can eject out of this ColorNote app safely?!

But I can login to a root Virutal Android OS, is there one rooted virtual ANdroid software that I can leverage here to my thing forward?!