Bank Statements for Visitor Visa appointment to the UK

I have an upcoming trip to the UK from India and have scheduled the VISA appointment on priority. I have the jitters before the interview primarily because of my bank statement. My circumstance is as follows.

  • I have a stable job as a SDE-3 Amazon. The job fortunately pays more per month than my trip expenses. Around 3 times more to be precise.
  • I also have a leave letter from Amazon that will I’m hoping convince the ECO that I have pressing reasons to return.

My question stems from the fact that my salary account is an account that I use mainly as a conduit to receive my salary. (The salary amount is present in my bank statement with the employer name over a six month period). My money from the salary then gets redirected to other sources of investment and a skeletal amount remains in my salary account enough to tend to my day to day.

Will this make it seem like I’m a reckless spender and thereby affect my chances of getting the Visa approved?

Also, if my $100 monthly, there was a recent deposit of $25 from a friend who owed me the $25. Will this be flagged?

For the last month or so my balance has stayed over 2x my trip expenses. But it has been quite volatile prior to this due to the reasons mentioned above.

Any general advice on what I should be doing to improve my chances are greatly appreciated.