bash – How to make iTerm2 colorful?

I have been trying to get my iterm2 terminal colorful, but I am having very little success. I tried adding the following to my .bash_profile

# Set CLICOLOR if you want Ansi Colors in iTerm2
export CLICOLOR=1

# Set colors to match iTerm2 Terminal Colors
export TERM=xterm-256color

which helped get the ANSI colors at least, but my iterm2 terminal is still pretty boring-looking…

I am trying to get my directories to look one color, my files to look one color, and the stuff behind the $ sign on iterm2 to be one color, and my cursor to be one color. So far, I have managed to pull of changing the color of my cursor and directories, but everything else is still a boring plain white color.

I did this my going to Preferences->Profile and then messing with the colors there. Any advice you have is appreciated.

Any advice you have is appreciated.