bash – mac command-line deduplicate files using reference directory only with identical filenames

Of many file-deduplication commands/scripts for the command line.
I can’t find one that . .

Works on mac (high sierra).
Employs a reference directory, with recursion.
Flags only duplicates with identical names.

rmdupe --sim --verbose /rmdupTest/ 

produced an error

stat: illegal option -- c

corrected by installing coreutils.

rmdupe also works recursively, with a reference directory . .

rmdupe -r /referenceDirectory/ /folderWithDuplicates/

but flags identical files with different names

other deduplication commands provide some, but not all, of the foregoing requirements.

jdupes and fdupes will flag duplicates with different filenames

various versions of FIND command use no reference directory

find . -type f ! -empty -exec md5 -r {} + | awk ‘++a($1)!=1′ | cut -d’ ‘ -f2- | tr ‘n’ ‘’ | xargs -0 rm

find . -size 20 ! -type d -exec cksum {} ; | sort | tee /tmp/f.tmp | cut -f 1,2 -d ‘ ‘ | uniq -d | grep -hif – /tmp/f.tmp > duplicates.txt