Basic corporate videos

I’m thinking about offering to my clients the option to buy a corporate basic video, animating logos and images of his products so it can be use to replace the hero section or to make a banner look more nice, keep the video short and put it in a logical and seamless loop. I learned how to use the basic functions of After Effects, enough to make a short video.

The problem is that the propose of the video is that mentioned above not to be used as a spot or publish it in other means of communication so the size of the video in Mb made with AE is humongous, and doesn’t fit the goal for which I want.

Can you please recommend my a animation program easy to use and lightweight for web animation, apart from Adobe Flash?

Another idea I have is to make it in AE then record the screen of my PC and after that export it to a normal resolution mp4.

Thank you in advance

I’m learning about GSAP because I think it can do the trick