battery – Macbook Pro think 60W adapter is a 12W one, and won’t charge anymore

When charging my Macbook Pro (mid 2017) with the 61W USB-C Power Adapter from Apple, sometimes the “battery is not charging” warning start appearing from nowhere draining the battery.

By looking up the charging information (using Istat Menus) it appear that the Macbook think that the 60W charger is in fact a 12W one (and it appear that the intensity is negative i.e not charging):

enter image description here

By unplugging/plugging back the USB-C cable (sometimes several times) all comes back to normal

enter image description here

Why is this happening ? (Sometimes when the battery is full and still plugged, sometimes when charging)


  • The “battery is not charging” issue start happening early this year, but the Macbook had another issue with the logic board as well. After the logic board and battery being replaced, the issue is still here.

  • SMC reset didn’t fix anything.

  • A full discharge, then a full charge didn’t fix anything.

  • When using the power adapter from Apple and the USB-C cable on another device (unfortunately a phone and not another Macbook), it’s charging normally.

  • When using another power adapter on the macbook, it’s charging slowly (but coming from a 12W power adapter and a USB-A to USB-C cable that seems fair enough).