Battery – OnePlus 3 repair problem

The screen on mine OnePlus 3 The phone started to come off the bezel. There was already a noticeable separation along the top, and the problem was spreading down the sides. Apart from a touch screen test, which I had to perform every time I activated the smartphone, it worked perfectly. (It must have sensed that something was funny with the screen, and I had to touch four randomly set circles before it was activated.)

I brought it to a local, independent smartphone repair shop about 12 days ago. They told me that the battery was bloated, which caused the screen to be pushed away from the front panel. Since I have no experience with these kinds of things, I simply took her word for it and had her order a different battery. Now I am suspicious. The battery life was good. I could use the phone (YouTube, games, phone) for 8 or more hours without charge. The phone would be neither hot nor hot.

Ten days later (yesterday), they called me in the late afternoon, telling me that the battery had come in, and said I could bring them with me today. Her Saturday hours are 11am to 3pm and the person on the phone was confident she could be done the same day when I got her around 11am.

The technician told me he could finish it in just over an hour. I gave him 2 hours and went back. The technician told me that they must have gotten the wrong battery. It fit, the plug was right and the phone went on, but it told him that the battery was wrong. He showed me the original. I could not see any swelling, but the black paper carrier was crumpled, as if it might have been bloated and stretched after the battery had reached its normal size due to idling. At least that's what the tech said. He showed me three round holes on the back, which he said had been caused by the broken battery. He told me it would be a very bad idea to replace the original battery. He wanted to glue the screen over the new battery and see what the status of the phone is. So I do that and have 40 minutes left to look around. (I can not call, he has my only phone …)

Can I get the mess in an unsuspecting, maybe dishonest shop?

Unfortunately I repaired the battery and the screen. If it does not work on my return, I will not wait 10 days for another, possibly wrong battery. If they can not solve the problem by Monday, What are my reasonable options?