bayesian – Bayes probabilty algorithms solver

I have searched the internet and I would like to know if I can use some calculators. Those calculatos are for Bayes. As long as I understand there Naive Bayes and Bayes it is the same with some small difference.What should I change so it will give me the Naive Bayes. If I use those calculatos can give me the results to Naive Bayes.

Calculators of Bayes and I want to produce the result to Naive Bayes.

I check that :

but he does a lot of calculation.I want to avoid so much calculations.That’s why I want to use the calculator.I beleive second link is a better calculator.
Lets suppose I have those things







How I put those here?

enter image description here

and how I calculate the result so it will give me the Naive Bayes