beginner – How to know what dictionary has been chosen by my user on a simple python scoring system

I’m currently trying to write a simpler code where it can allow its users to pick a team then join a team event like a team sports for the different teams I’ve used a dictionary to store the different player names and the event they joined. Here’s what I’ve done to for the dictionary

team1 = {"Team 1":("Martin","Kaz","Simba","Davis","Light"),"Score":(),"Event":()}
team2 = {"Team 2":("John"),"Score":(),"Event":()}
team3 = {"Team 3":("Kaz","Alex"),"Score":(),"Event":()}
team4 = {"Team 4":("Jack","Pliskin"),"Score":(),"Event":()}

I’m thinking of making a new def to let player pick the event they want their team to join in but the thing is I won’t know the team(dict) that my user joined in so I can append their chosen sport into their team(dict)
I could use if/else statments to make it but that is going to take ages and quite inefficient. Here’s my ideal output

What Team did you pick?: Team 1)
What sport would you like your team to join?: Basketball
 {"Team 1":("Martin","Kaz","Simba","Davis","Light"),"Score":(),"Event":("Basketball)}

Any tips to make this happen while using simple looking code?