“Behavior > Events” Report doesn’t working in APP+WEB Property of Google Analytics

In APP+WEB Property report of Google Analytics has “Behavior overview” report page.
It has a link, “View events ->” to “Behavior > Events” Report.

Screen Shot of View events link

When I click the link, page load new report at first time.

Screen Shot of "Behavior > Events" Report

but after data loading, it change “Behavior > Country” report. it’s not belong to “Behavior” Section. It must belong to “Demographics Section”.

Screen Shot of "Behavior > Country" report.

the URL of “Behavior > Events” Report is “https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/#/p214052507/reports/explorer?params=_u..nav%3Dga1-experimental%26_r.explorerCard..selmet%3D%5B%22eventCount%22%5D%26_r.explorerCard..seldim%3D%5B%22eventName%22%5D&r=top-events”

it’s parameter shows ‘eventName’ so I think URL is right. but content of report is about the country.

If someone know how can I access “Behavior > Events” Report, please let me know.