Best alternative backup service? | Web Hosting Talk

TL;DR – Ubuntu 20.04 VPS on OVH, looking for backup solutions, thinking local? Using Virtualmin, and running 7 sites for free so trying to keep it down in costs. Thanks.

For being so technology saavy in some areas, I am a complete dunce in others.

OVH where I keep my VPS, charges EXTREMELY large amounts of money for backups (much, much, more than the servers themselves)

I had a company hire me, and they wanted to test a bunch of Dedicated Servers, so they chose 20 places, and bought the servers. They canceled the OVH one, and OVH gave them a credit, and since it was under my name the boss said “keep it” because they didn’t need the money back, didn’t need the hassle. So I got a credit of $300.

I chose the $12 a month for 2 year package, 2 cores, 4 GB of RAM for 2 years for free, with leftover money. I figured I run at least 3-5 sites for “free” for friends, they can share an IP and have everything migrated, so that’s what I did. What I didn’t do, was check backups. Backups are insane. I would ALMOST be better off trying to get another one for 2 years, identical setup, and have it be a mirror of the original server in every way except IP. This way no need for a backup?

However I am wondering is there any backup service or something I could do to back things up locally? I would love to save all my sites databases and data on my PC, none of them have videos so they weigh in between 100mb and 400mb at the absolute heaviest. Altogether I have 5-7 GB worth of stuff to back up. I don’t know if I should get a Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean VPS and use that somehow, or local backup, or what I even have options for.